Decolonizing Wealth Project

Decolonizing Wealth Project

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Reimagining the redistribution of wealth and shifting philanthropic paradigms towards indigenous values.



For this project, Idea2Form partnered with Edgar Villanueva and the Decolonizing Wealth Project (DWP) team on a brand overhaul and communications strategy to support their systems change and narrative change efforts.

The result was a dynamic new website, printed journal and marketing collateral for numerous initiatives including; #CaseforReparations, Inaugural Indigenous Earth Summit, Philanthropy So White, Heal With Us Summit, California Truth and Healing Fund and the second edition of his book, Decolonizing Wealth, Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance





The Client

Led by Edgar Villanueva, Decolonizing Wealth Project (DWP) works globally to disrupt the existing systems of moving and controlling capital using education and healing programs, radical reparative giving, and storytelling. Through its fund, Liberated Capital, DWP moves untethered resources to Indigenous, Black and other people-of-color-led initiatives working for economic and racial justice.





The Design Challenge

DWP is on a mission to bring forth truth, reconciliation, and the healing of our global family from the ails of colonization through education, radical reparative giving, and storytelling. The design challenge was to develop an authentic brand and communications strategy that reflected the powerful philosophy, vision, and impact of Edgar Villanueva, DWP and Liberated Capital.







The Solution

Our collaborative approach centered DWP’s foundation in indigenous wisdom to create a clear brand identity that communicated their unique paradigm through strong visuals and engaging language. Our team utilized Multidimensional Design to create print and digital assets that assert DWP’s leadership in the philanthropic space while activating their audiences and communities. Those components included:

  • a full website design
  • a printed journal
  • branded social media content
  • pitch decks 







The DWP logo features the letter “W” which signifies indigenous-inspired elements; Wisdom, Wealth and Water. The W also represents an abstract eagle in flight over water.





Idea2Form has created custom digital art for DWP’s various initiatives





Prior to designing and building DWP’s website, Idea2Form facilitated a process to help DWP team members to craft their mission, vision, values, core strategies and key messaging. 







The Idea2Form team felt strongly that we needed to do something special for Edgar’s Seven Steps to Healing, a powerful framework for truth and reconciliation. We accomplished this through a multimedia interactive design that ultilized sound bites from his audio book and bold visuals.  








Edgar expressed his vision to create a guided journal for self-reflection geared towards individuals interested in decolonizing their relationship with money. Idea2Form and Edgar collaborated to design a limited edition Money is Medicine Journal. 







Idea2Form is proud to serve DWP’s design agency of record, providing holistic design services, thought partnership, and website maintenance/support.






Tomas Alvarez III, Lexx Valdez, Kyle Barrios, Alejandro Michell, Idris Agüero, Mar Trava, Edith Cauich, Danny Cen, Marja Carrillo, Mike Nicholls


Edgar Villanueva, Tricia Levesque, Cara Venter, William Cordery








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