I2F Partner / Lead Designer / Creative Facilitator

Alexandra “Lexx” Valdez is a Xicana creative who believes in collective growth through an impactful and sustainable creative process. Raised in the small agricultural town of Guadalupe, California, Lexx earned her BFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco (2009) and began her professional career in the Bay Area. Over a period of five years, Lexx worked as a graphic designer and creative director for several nonprofit organizations. In 2016, Lexx’s work was featured at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in an exhibition entitled Remezcla Graphica/Graphic Remix, which reflected the Latinx and Chicano experience. Lexx’s design style is characterized by its photo-collage aesthetic and the bold colors that she uses to create vibrantly-illustrated worlds that aim to uplift ancestral knowledge. With over 15 years of experience in her craft, her work has been widely sought after, displayed, and appreciated throughout the fields of education, social work, visual art, and fashion. Lexx has served as a curator for numerous exhibits, including When She Rises. In 2018, Lexx co-founded Idea2Form and currently serves as its Media 4 Impact Studio Lead.


I2F Managing Partner / Impact Strategist

Tomás is an award-winning social entrepreneur and former nonprofit executive with 15+ years of experience leading social impact initiatives. He is the Managing Partner and Strategy Lead at Idea2Form. In 2004, Tomás pioneered one of the first Hip Hop Therapy programs and grew it into a nationally recognized nonprofit organization. Since then, he has gone on to catalyze numerous collaborative initiatives, consult with leading civic sector organizations, and be a champion for several causes focused on racial justice and children’s well-being. Tomás is a visionary thinker, cultural broker, and a transformational leader who has been recognized as an Ashoka Fellow, CNN Hero, NBC Latino Top 20 Innovator, and Aspen Institute Scholar. His work has been featured by CNN, Forbes, New York Times, Vice Magazine, Complex, Revolt TV, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and NPR. Tomás has served as a social entrepreneur in residence and adjunct lecturer at Stanford University, where he has taught courses on Social Entrepreneurship and Ethics & Politics of Public Service.


Artist Entrepreneur 

Erin is a renowned muralist and former nonprofit executive. She is a member of The Trust Your Struggle Collective (US), COI (LA), and APC (Colombia). Erin holds an MBA in International Sustainability. She previously managed two public art nonprofits as the Executive Director of the Estria Foundation and the Interim Director of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. Erin has left her imprint creating murals in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, the Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, the Netherlands and across the United States.


Solutions Architect

Alejandro is a technologist experienced in integrating data, content, and interactions on digital platforms and ecosystems to personalize value for users. Beyond connecting brands, people, and technology, his goal is to use technology like machine learning, IoTs (wearables), VR/AR, and the cloud to enhance digital interactions for social impact. Skilled in information technology, Alejandro has worked for Artificial Intelligence shops, technology enterprise firms, digital startups, and advertising agencies. He has advised senior executives on new technology, data-driven digital transformation, IoTs, VR and AR, and AI and Machine Learning tools.

danny cen

Web Developer

Danny Cen despite being young, as a child he has had contact with technology, leading to more than 12 years of experience in computer systems support, as well, he has leaded and organized technical advice at university and empresarial environments, which has developed a passion for discovering the world through technology and programming languages. Lover of nature and carrying out the philosophy of creating a better world, has led him to belong to the association of scouts of Mexico (ASMAC), where he has actively participated for 15 years in favor of the social problems of his environment, leading groups of young people through the same philosophy.


Strategist / Facilitator

Dr. Preeta M. Banerjee draws on a broad and deep range of experience, having spent 20 years in academia, coaching, and consulting as an advocate, educator, researcher, and author. She is a strong voice for combining spirituality, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social change. She has a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the Wharton School and a BS in Computational Biology and Business from Carnegie Mellon. Preeta offers an incubator for energy management that accelerates the discovery and embodiment of Authentic Leadership. With personal and professional experience, skills and passion, her process helps individuals, teams, and organizations identify what is important and implement a new process that enables a shift in thinking and an expansion of choices to power changemaking.


Agile Project Manager / Strategist

Kyle is Big 4 (Deloitte) alumni with over ten years of consultative experience in providing operational results in fast-moving financial services environments. Kyle specialties include market development strategy, legal operations, litigation, e-discovery, reporting, strategy and operations, growth, agile project management, and risk management & compliance. Over the last decade, Kyle has also held several leadership roles in Diversity & Inclusion in the private sector. He is a founding board member of the Latino Networks Coalition (LNC), which formed to collaborate and share best practices among the Latino diversity groups at local Fortune 100 organizations.


Pulic Relations Strategist / Storyteller

Janna A. Zinzi (also known as jaz) is a strategist and storyteller using language and performance to broaden and challenge existing narratives of people of color, especially women and gender non-conforming people. Her communications consulting is rooted in arts and activism; and has provided strategic communications and facilitated trainings for the Black Lives Matter Global Network, Forward Together, and Color of Change along with several social justice and reproductive justice organizations over the last decade. Janna’s writing and dancing explore themes of intersectional feminism, reproductive justice, pop culture, spirituality, romance, and travel.


Social Media / Content Producer

Halline Overby, aka Haylow, is a multi-talented creative who has lent his skills to a multitude of socially focused projects. He has worked as a content producer for major sports media giants like Bleacher Report and NFL Networks, and with the City of Inglewood capturing civic engagement events. Halline is a graduate of the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) program at San Francisco State University. Shortly after graduating from college, Halline co-founded Distortion 2 Static, the longest-running Hip Hop television in Bay Area. He is currently directing and producing a full-length documentary on the life and music of legendary Jazz musician Roy Ayers.



Demondre is a Bay Area-based cinematographer, director, and photographer who has work with numerous lifestyle brands and local companies for over a decade. Demondre is an Oakland native, and self taught artist who gained notoriety as a street photographer. His recent project seeks to humanize those at the center of the housing crisis and shift public perspective on what it means to be homeless.


UX Designer

Jess is a DC-based web designer and artist. She works to be part of a future where human-centered design is the rule, not the exception, for mission-driven businesses and organizations.



Scott is an Oakland based photographer with over 15 years of experience helping lifestyle platforms and brands to create compelling visual stories that are authentic and engaging to their target audiences. He works in partnership with his clients to capture unique perspectives of his subjects in ways that uplift them, make them relatable, while simultaneously drawing the viewers into their world. His clients include companies such as Google, Facebook, PUMA, Oakland A’s, Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Circus, and many others.


Visual Designer & Creative Strategist

Mike is a creative director, brand strategist, publisher, visual designer and illustrator. He translates ideas into visionary creative solutions utilizing over 20 years of design experience and natural talent. As Umber Magazine’s creative director, he visually designs and illustrates the perspectives of each release’s contributors, from curation of content to final magazine design. As a founder, Mike is responsible for content creation, community engagement and managing an amazingly talented team. He also enjoys flicking dust balls off of his turntable needles.