As a part of the Multi-Dimensional Design Series on our blog, today’s offering is brought to us by Dr. Preeta M. Banerjee. Preeta brings years of experience in coaching, consulting, chaplaincy, academics, and executive training in order to build next-generation competences in mindfulness, innovation and creativity, social entrepreneurship, and strategic vision. Preeta delights in the imagining and implementation of multidimensional design and was integral to its initial conception and manifestation at Idea2Form.

We are eternally grateful for Preeta’s vision, friendship, and partnership.





To understand the word multidimensional requires recognition that we are more than our body– we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

In the Hindu faith tradition the human experience is given five layers or “koshas:”



Annamaya Kosha

This is the most tangible layer and often where design has started and ended. How we often acknowledge our corporeal body more is using our five senses.




Pranamaya Kosha

Notice the way you feel when you enter a room and what you leave in the room solely with your presence. This is the life force, the chi, the prana, the energy that is found in the vibrations within and around us.



Manomaya Kosha

Examine how we create meaning out of the world we inhabit. Can design relax the powerful mental structures formed by the beliefs, opinions, and assumptions absorbed from family, friends, culture, academic studies and quickly release thoughts, images, perceptions as they bubble up?




Vijnanamaya Kosha

Our intuition and awareness by allowing ourselves to become engrossed in deep contemplation. Observe and witness our subtle awareness, responsible for our insights, when faced with personal or professional problems.




Anandamaya Kosha

We are all born to be blissful, separated by the smallest amount from the universal Self, filled with natural ecstasy, dynamism, and goodness. Pinpoint where there is bliss in our life, in every essence from pure ecstasy to simple Contentment.

In this way, design can heal and take us beyond our five senses.